Delicacies of the Mediterranean sea based on traditional, as well as unique recipes were first presented to the Moscow public at Botik Petra on December 19th, 2001. Last year the restaurant turned 17 years old.

Botik on Vavilova Kitchen Chef

Botik on Vavilova

The restaurant was opened in 2007 as a continuation of our concept of healthy dining in a Mediterranean way. We are located in a quiet place, hidden from the rush of the city, not far from the centre. The restaurant has two terraces, a car park and a children’s summer playground. Thanks to a daily offering of fresh fish, live seafood and quality oysters, as well as friendly personnel, we have managed to channel the best emotions of the seaside regions.

The interior is done in a way that compliments conducting a business meeting, enjoying a romantic dinner, having a celebration with your loved ones, while also being a great place for a daily meal. On weekends our restaurant is an ideal spot for family dining with specialties of the Balkan cuisine. We are always happy to see our regular guests and warmly welcome new ones!


Mediterranean traditions at their best

Mediterranean cuisine combines the gastronomical traditions of the seaside regions of the Adriatic and Mediterranean seas. The tastes of the residents of those regions differ, but they have the same foundation. Olive oil, a variety of seafood, greenery, fresh vegetables, spices - this is the basis of our menu at Botik Petra.


Nikola Steanovic

When he was 5 years old, Nikola's favourite activity was slicing orange barks into tiny accurate cubes. That's when he realized what he wants to do when he grows up.

Our chef's love for harmony also comes from childhood - his primary education was a degree in music (8 years of playing the violin is no joke!).

Success arrived for Nikola after completing studies for his future favourite profession. In Belgrade he worked at the residence of the president of Serbia - Aleksandar Vucic.

Nikola spends his free time at the gym or studying French cuisine - his favourite. "To me, French cuisine is the standard.", says Nikola. "I always follow what Pierre Ganiere (famous French chef) does. I also love to travel. My favourite country to visit is Greece. For me, as a chef it's very interesting to study gastronomical traditions of other countries, to constantly develop my skills and learn something new."